Benefits of I-pulse:-

Indus viva i-pulse


Benefits of I-pulse:-

Immunity wellness-

Anti-cancer supports Enhances the body’s ability to rejuvenate itself.

its best for your children and their immunity

Respiratory wellness-

Helps to stop Respiratory related problems. and other problems of the lungs.

Improves resistance against Allergies

Heart wellness-

protect from a sudden heart attack, maintains healthy rhythm, supports healthy fat levels and overall cardiac health.


Hepatic wellness-

Best for liver and fatty liver, Protection of liver Control the homeostasis level Helps reduce GI problems

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Benefits of I-pulse:-

product description:- main ingredient in I pulse ( Acai berry).

Acai berry is the world’s no. Used for hundreds of years, Acai has quite 60 scientific studies validating its health benefits.
Acai berry is a superfruit that only found in Rain Forests Amazon. The drive behind iPulse is that the presence of a very important antioxidant ingredient, Acai berry.

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